Why Tennis?

Tennis is a Sport like No Other

  •  Tennis can be played by both men and women and is one of the few sports that can engage the entire family and be played for a lifetime.
  •  Tennis is good for the brain promoting cognitive development by helping increase concentration and focusing skills.
  •  Tennis meets and exceeds several physical developmental milestones for children ages 5-9, improving fitness and skill levels while promoting a healthy lifestyle.    
  •  Tennis is a superb cardiovascular workout and is also great for improving agility, strength and hand-eye coordination.    
  •  Tennis is more effective in burning off calories than hiking, playing softball, baseball, volleyball, doing low impact aerobics, weightlifting, or riding a stationary bike. 
  •  As a non-combatant, non-contact sport, tennis is safer than many other sports.
  •  Tennis can be played individually or as part of a team.
  •  Because it is self-officiating, tennis teaches ethics and integrity.
  •  The equipment is inexpensive, and with the growing popularity of road tennis, it can be played literally anywhere … in a drive way or on any other hard surface.
  •  Tennis can open many doors … thousands of universities and colleges in the North America offer scholarships to players who compete for their varsity teams. In fact, more tennis scholarships are available for females than for any other sport.